From Deb Galich
Feb 25th, 6:38pm

Re: Summer Golf Outing and Fundraiser, July 9, 2016

Hi wonderful people at Eleanor's Pantry! I am very excited to tell you that we have chosen you to be our charity of choice for #AndysArmy, a group of family and friends that continue my sons life of love and giving to those that need hope and a hand in his world surrounding Lawton Michigan.


My son Andy Cusentino was tragically killed at 28 years old on 8.22.2015 in a car accident and we have vowed to do good and to pay his love forward. This year we will be having a golf outing at Olde Mill Golf Course on July 9th a Saturday.


All proceeds will be given to your pantry. We would love to help spread awareness of the good you do if you can attend or we can do that for you. We already have many people and companies asking to participate, we will be doing this every year, choosing a charity of choice.


AndysArmy has a Facebook page that we just started and if there is anything you would like to post that would be awesome. Looking forward to speaking to you soon. We are members of St Paul UMC also.