We send a big thank you to Courtney Gettig, owner of Van Buren Coffee Company The Shop, for her Love Our Community event that benefitted the pantry. 

Throughout Valentine Week, many friends in the community brought bags of over the counter medicines, as suggested by Courtney’s promotions. 

On Saturday, the final day, large numbers of people attended to enjoy the Van Buren Coffee and cookies and the many vendors who brought marvelous merchandise for purchase.  14 huge plastic totes of a wide variety of over the counter medicines were collected!! 

Never before has the pantry had this quantity or selection of items.  Many visitors/shoppers also made monetary contributions to the pantry as well.  We so appreciate everyone’s contributions to this remarkable event.

Monthly, Elizabeth VanDenBos continues her generous project to make and donate “Birthday in a Bag” for the pantry.  It contains everything needed for a birthday party:  cake mix with pan, frosting, plates, napkins, cups, and more.   This is a favorite gift at the pantry.  Thank you, Bizzy!

Please know that the contributions given by each of you makes a huge difference in the lives of our friends in need.  Without you, Eleanor’s Pantry wouldn’t exist.

Thank you,

Nellie DeLong

Community Outreach Coordinator