Golf-outing fundraiser at Olde Mill Golf Course

Saturday, July 09, 2016


Eleanor's Pantry is the "charity of choice" for #AndysArmy, a group of family and friends that continue Andy Cusentino's life of love and giving to those that need hope and and a hand in and surrounding Lawton Michigan.

AndysArmy raised over $4,000 in the golf outing and since $1 donations allows the pantry to buy $10 worth of food through Feeding America, this donation is worth about $40,000 for the pantry!

Andy Cusentino was tragically killed at 28 years old on 8.22.2015 in a car accident and his family and friends have vowed to do good and to pay his love forward.


All proceeds from the golf outing go to Eleanor's Pantry. 


For more information go to #AndysArmy and AndysArmy (one word - no space) facebook page. 



Proceeds are donated to charitable organizations such as Eleanor's Pantry in Paw Paw