Non-food Needs: We put your monetary donations to best use for


Personal Care & Cleaning Items  Needed!


Laundry Soap

Toilet Paper

Dish Soap

Foods needed are:



Food Item Suggested Varieties  Suggested Size
Canned Fruit: Mandarin Oranges, Pineapple, Peaches, Pears 14-16 oz
Canned Vegetables: Mushrooms or  Peas 14-16 oz
Prepared Meal "Hamburger or Tuna Helper" "Beef or Chicken Rice Mix" 5-7 oz
Canned Pasta Any with 6 grams or more of protein  14-16 oz
Canned Meat: Tuna or Chicken 5 oz
Baking Mix All Purpose Brownie 16 oz
Soup "Any with 6 grams or more of protein"  18-22 oz
Dried Potatoes Mashed or Au Gratin 4-6 oz
Cereal Any  


You can drop these items or other foods off at the pantry during our open hours or use the dropbox located outside the pantry.

Eleanor’s Pantry is a completely volunteer organization. This means that 100% of each donation is used to provide the food for the up to 1,000 children and adults we help feed each month.


221 Drew Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079;  Email:
  Phone: 269.415.0444