Volunteer Opportunities!

Please begin volunteering by calling Sue Miller at 269.370.2676.

We need volunteers to help with these things:

•Help clients
•Stock shelves
•Transport food
•Building maintenance
•Glean food
•Glean personal care products
•Raise funds
•Write grants
•Public relations
•Computer input

Eleanor’s Pantry is a completely volunteer run, non-profit organization.   Seventy good-hearted people choose to give of their time, effort, and love to make Eleanor’s Pantry possible.

Each month hundreds of hours of work are required to maintain all aspects of the pantry. 


  • Each of 13 volunteer board members help with decision making, coordinating responsibilities and day to day functions of the pantry. These behind-the-scenes activities are crucial to the operation of the pantry. 
  • A volunteer food director coordinates all food orders.
  • Four different volunteers are available five days a week, three hours each to help needy families “shop” for their food. 
  • Another group of volunteers stocks the pantry shelves each day. They also assist on Feeding America delivery days. 
  • Another group of volunteers pick up sale items from stores, bring pizzas donated by Little Caesar’s, pick up donated baked goods from Family Fare, and more. 
  • Another group of volunteers help with numerous tasks such as cleaning to packaging fresh vegetables provided by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, helping with computer work and other needs.

Most of our staff are retired; many from careers in education, as well as a wide variety of other occupations. These generous men and women do what they do because it is in their hearts.  Paw Paw and Lawton are fortunate to have such giving people, who are the “life blood” of Eleanor’s Pantry.




221 Drew Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079;  Email:[email protected]
  Phone: 269.415.0444