Pat McKinney Retires from the Pantry


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the retirement of the Director of Eleanor’s Pantry, Pat McKinney.  Since the beginning, eight years ago, Pat has been a driving force behind the development, growth, and success of the pantry.  At the start, Pat was food manager in charge of food procurement and distribution.  Later, she re-designed the layout of the pantry and distribution of food using a point system.  As food manager, she has been responsible for stocking the pantry, taking inventory, ordering appropriately, finding volunteers to transport orders to the pantry, training stockers to maintain the pantry, and addressing many behind the scenes responsibilities. 

In time, she became overseer of all aspects of the pantry and was chosen to be the pantry Director.  Her job continued to expand and develop as she saw needs and problems arise. Any opportunity offered, Pat spearheaded implementation, adapting it to meet the needs of the pantry.  Thus, Eleanor’s Pantry has a new walk-in cooler and freezer, a family to family program, a box of food program for seniors in low-cost housing, and a great relationship with food/item providers in West Michigan.  Although a volunteer, Pat has spent more time at the pantry than most paid full time workers.

A celebration for Pat McKinney will be held this Sunday, August 6, from 2:00 to 5:00 at the First Presbyterian Church in Paw Paw. Please join us to thank her for her eight years of service.

We’d love to have you participate with us for this year’s Wine and Harvest Festival, September 8, 9, and 10.  Once again, we are looking for volunteers to pour wine at St. Julian Winery.  It’s great fun, and it is a significant fundraiser for the pantry.  If interested, you can find info on our website:

Hope to see you Sunday.

Thank you,

Nellie DeLong

Community Outreach Coordinator    Eleanor’s Pantry