Volunteers Key to Donations During the Wine and Harvest Festival


This is a significant fundraiser for us! Thank you St. Julian Winery and our community!


Visitors to the Wine Fest at St. Julian’s and downtown at the parade gave a total of $1,127.12
during the event!



For the third year, about 150 volunteers assisted with wine pouring during the day, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, representing Eleanor’s Pantry. Our volunteers earns us a donation from St. Julian’s. We also had donation containers at each table, where wine tasters gave.

We haven't heard about this year yet, but last year, St. Julian donated $3,500 for Eleanor's Pantry! 


For every $1 the pantry spends, they can buy $10 worth of food!  Multiply this by 10 and you can imagine how much food this buys from our food supplier.