Keep saving those receipts!

This is where we were last at the last tally.  If you have receipts from a Hardings Store, we can take those as well.

We need ONE person from each area church.

Goal:  To collect $150,000 in Family Fare receipts to earn $1,000 from Spartan Nash.

How:  Put a canister in each area church to collect receipts from members  Then:  Bring receipts to pantry

At the Pantry, Find:  Clipboard with names of churches
           Put your name next to your church
           Take a canister to place in your church
            Have members asked to save FF receipts and bring to church
            Bring receipts to pantry each week

Running total of our receipts collected will be posted on our website/Facebook
Clipboard and canisters will be available in the pantry office Monday/tomorrow.

Thank you for making this happen!



Sponsored by Spartan Nash, Family Fare, customers can put money in a canister for Eleanor's Pantry at the register.  These contributions will feed the 1,000 children and adults.  Through the pantry we help feed Paw Paw/Lawton-area friends and neighbors
with a four-day emergency supply of food.


Save all of your Family Fare receipts for the pantry, too. We can earn $1,000 with your receipts.


Currently, there is a canister at Family Fare where receipts may be deposited. Friends may also drop receipts off at the pantry. There is a special box inside our outside donation box that anyone can leave their receipts in.



 When a charity saves $150,000 in receipts they will receive $1,000.


We have reached out to many to save their receipts and give them to the pantry.

Fortunately, there is no deadline date for reaching our goal.T


hank you, Spartan Nash (Family Fare in Paw Paw) for helping encourage our community to support Eleanor's Pantry, our only local food pantry.